Current Operational Statement - July 2020

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all faced major changes to both our personal and professional lives.

Since the UK Government introduced the lockdown on 23 March it has presented us all with a unique set of challenges. Thankfully, the lockdown restrictions are being slowly eased and the UK is starting to return to ‘business as usual’, albeit with mitigating measures that we must all adhere to. As such, more and more customers are contacting us to advise that their premises are open and that they are now accepting service visits.

Target Lifts Ltd appreciates how important your lift is to you and we thank you for continuing to entrust us to maintain your equipment.

Our office is now fully open, although as per Government advice, many of our staff continue to work from home. Even though they are not in the office, they are fully contactable and connected to the company’s systems.

Our field capacity is at full strength and is working to our normal planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules. During the early stages of the pandemic and as per Government advice, we had to prioritise ‘Essential Sites’, this meant that some customers may have had one or more PPM visits postponed. This did not mean that your lift was not important to us. It is. It merely meant that we had to prioritise our available resource to those sites deemed essential to the fight against the virus, e.g. hospitals, care homes, science/research establishments, buildings with vulnerable residents, food distribution centres etc.

We are working hard to resolve any PPM backlog. Please bear with us while we work to achieve this. Meeting our PPM obligations is central to the service that we provide you.

Our priority will always be the health and well-being of our workforce and you, our customer. Our field based employees are working under strict site operating procedures based on current advice from Government, The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and LEIA (our trade industry) and are maintaining current social distancing measures. They are equipped with appropriate PPE (inc. masks, gloves and hand sanitiser).

Nevertheless, we recognise that you may have concerns if a PPM visit was missed. This statement serves to reassure you that ALL maintenance elements for ALL parts of your lift equipment WILL be undertaken over a 12-month period and within your contract year. We will achieve this via several strategies including:

  • Extended service visits e.g. spending more time on site to complete more than one maintenance ‘phase’ during a single visit

  • Double visits e.g. attending site twice in one month instead of once

  • Reactive servicing e.g. completing a maintenance visit after attending site for a breakdown or entrapment


Please be assured that we will always do everything we can to ensure your lift is safe and reliable.

We have an additional range of services that can help support your business in its return to work and to assist the protection of people who use your lift. These services include microbial coatings, air purifying, extra signage, touchless controls, call collection and even maximum occupancy detection (set by you) etc. Please contact us if these are of interest to you.

Target Lifts Ltd is open for business; you can contact us through our usual channels. Anyone working from home is contactable. Finally, please continue to contact us if your own status changes, e.g. if your building is closed, you have specific control measures in place that we need to follow, restricted access times, etc.


We thank you for your continued support and especially for your valued business.


The Directors.

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