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Ashford International Station, Kent

Modernisation of 7 hydraulic lifts including back of house, car park and terminal lifts with live platforms and terminals.

The drive equipment was upgraded to VVVF types which allowed the client to claim money back as part of a government eco-scheme. With the lifts being essential to the station’s footfall, it was crucial to the customer that the downtime was kept to a minimum. Regular site meetings with all key stakeholders ensured the project was continually progress monitored.

During the six-month programme we achieved 100% rating on all Health and Safety audits conducted by the Principle Contractor. This project has now featured as a major article in the June issue of Elevation magazine highlighting the collaboration between all suppliers, contractors, customers and consultants that contributed to this successful project.

Ashfod International Station, Kent
Ashfod International Station, Kent
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