Target Lifts factory visits

This week Target Lifts made factory visits to Germany to see Algi Hydraulics and also to Italy to see Alberto Sassi.

Algi manufacture reliable high quality hydraulic equipment and complete hydraulic lift solutions. They also manufacture VVVF energy saving eco-friendly equipment of which Target Lifts are proud to say that we have installed many units on lift modernisations in the UK. Algi also provide a detailed two day training course on site in their very professional training facilities. Two technicians from Target Lifts attended this training this week and both found the information they received to be very beneficial. Algi and Target Lifts continue to work closely together and the relationship ensures our clients benefit from both fantastic equipment with equally exceptional support.

Alberto Sassi based in Bologna, Italy, welcomed us to their very impressive factory during some extremely hot weather. For over 70 years, Alberto Sassi have invested in technical research to directly produce every single part of their gearboxes and gearless machines used for lift applications. The Managing Director, General Manager and Technical Manager provided a detailed tour of all there units showing the process of how all of the lift machines are built and fully tested prior to be transported around the world. Target Lifts have always been a big supporter of Alberto Sassis due to the fact they are supported by Sassi Uk, of whom we have a great working relationship of over 12 years.

Thank you Algi and Alberto Sassi, until next time.